Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing jewellery can be an emotional process. The buyer selects the specific arrangement of diamonds, gemstones, precious metals, and designs for a piece with a specific function in mind, whether it be an engagement ring, wedding band, or a present for a special occasion.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions.

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Authenticity of Gemsrush Gemstones.

All of our gemstones are guaranteed to be genuine and approved by routine independent lab testing, as per our commitment to you. Our top concern is maintaining transparency with regard to materials and procedures.

Uses of a gemstone

Gemstones may be turned into bracelets, tiaras, necklaces, rings, pendants, and more. The sky's the limit, and it all relies on how skillfully you use and respect these diamonds in your creation. Valuable gemstones can be utilized in many various product categories, such as bags, clothing, headgear, shoes, accessories, etc., in addition to jewellery.

Numerous well-known brands and labels include gemstones in their creations to increase their worth and give a touch of luxury. Additionally, gemstones can be utilised as plain crystals and stones. Some individuals consider that each and every gemstone has a certain quality or power that might benefit us spiritually. Gemsrush promises to provide best quality of gemstones possible.

What can I do to make sure my jewellery shines for years to come?

To prevent silver from tarnishing, fine jewellery should be kept at room temperature, out of direct sunshine, and ideally in a place with low humidity. Expensive jewellery may be stored and kept free of dust in multi-level jewellery boxes with drawers and dividers.

Difference between natural and synthetic gemstones.

Natural gemstones and diamonds originate inside the earth's crust over the course of millions of years, while man-made stones may be mass-produced in a lab in a matter of hours or days with exactly the same chemical and physical characteristics as natural gemstones. Diamonds and synthetic gems are not advised for astrological use since they lack the super-natural energy and capabilities of real gemstones.

Why are gemstones enhanced or treated?

The beauty of natural gemstones may be further enhanced by human intervention through a variety of methods that improve the gemstone's overall look. Low- and medium-grade gemstones are frequently improved or treated in order to increase their colour, clarity, or durability. As a result, processed natural gemstones are far less expensive than untreated natural gemstones.

A few common improvements are dyeing, lead- or glass-filled rubies and sapphires, resin-filled emeralds and corals, thermal enhancements with or without additives, etc.

Why do some gems show colour change?

The stone's crystalline structure, which permits visible light spectrum hues to be separated from light travelling through it, is what causes this behaviour. This light is first refracted, then reflected, and then refracted once again, with certain hues being absorbed by the stone.

Will the product that was ordered and delivered alter in any way?

Each gemstone displayed on our website has a distinct product reference number that makes it different from the others. Only the gemstone that you choose and ordered, will be sent. The Gemsrush Lab Report also makes reference to this reference number. In the unlikely event that the gemstone you bought is not available, we will let you know. In such circumstances, we often ask consumers to choose another gemstone or, if they want, offer a 100% refund.

Types of stones offered by Gemsrush.

Ruby, Cat's Eye, Tourmaline, Alexandrite, Spinel, Garnet, Zircon, Topaz, Amethyst, Citrine, and many other kinds are precious and semi-precious stones. Although we frequently add new items, occasionally you could find that our inventories are deficient in a certain diamond kind.

Will my ring become green or rust on my finger?

Any copper-based jewellery, including Sterling Silver and Rose Gold pieces, will tarnish a little bit over time, but for many individuals, the attractive qualities of natural metals outweigh this. This implies that when worn, the finish could leave a surface mark on the skin. Warm water and a light soap work well to remove this stain.

If you do notice a minor blackening in your item, there is no need to be concerned; the Ring can be restored to its original gleaming state using a jewellery polishing cloth.

Any transitory, inevitable negative effect brought on by the natural components of our jewellery is not eligible for a return.

Durability of a gemstone.

The durability of a gemstone—a matter of both hardness and toughness—determines how easily it may be shaped, mounted, and worn. Some gemstones, including sapphire, ruby, and garnet, fit nicely in rings, bracelets, or cufflinks and are suitable for an active daily life. Others, like emeralds, pearls, and opals, require mountings for earrings or necklaces in order to keep them both elegantly exhibited and safe.

Available Payment Options

All popular debit and credit cards are accepted here.

Accept payments from more than 50 banks, including as SBI, ICICI, HDFC, Axis, Kotak, and Yes Bank.

Bharat QR and UPI

Phone Wallets (Mobikwik, Freecharge, AmazonPay, OlaMoney, PhonePay, JioMoney, AirtelMoney, PayZapp). 

Security and Privacy

Complete security and trust are our top priorities at Gemsrush. By using digital security that adheres to industry standards, we guarantee that every customer's experience is safe and secure.

Cookies and IP Address:

We may record your IP address when you visit Gemsrush in order to analyse and enhance the website. For marketing reasons, we may also examine surfing habits and gather demographic data. In rare cases, Gemsrush may use "cookies" to gather non-personal data in order to compile customer statistics and enhance the usability of our website. Small text files known as "cookies" are sent from a web server to a computer browser. Each time your web browser requests a new page, your web server receives the cookie back from your web browser. If your web browser allows it, you can reject cookies. We promise to never share or sell any of your personally identifying information, surfing habits, or other data.

Customer Billing Information

Gemsrush is not in possession of your private billing data. The website of the merchant bank is where all billing information is input. Servers that use SSL (Secure Socket Layering) encryption are used to host both payment providers. Through the use of SSL technology, two people may communicate securely over the internet without worrying about their information being intercepted or stolen.

Will I have to pay International taxes and duties?

You will be liable for any additional fees if they arise since Gemsrush has no control over these expenses and is not responsible for any tariffs or taxes that may be imposed on your shipment.

Rarely, customs may get in touch with you to request an invoice. In this situation, you may just forward the order confirmation email you received from us.

You will receive a refund if you decide not to accept a box, less the cost of shipping the item back to us and restocking it.

How do I return a gem to you?

Simply email your request if you need to return a gemstone to us within the inspection period. The gem IDs of the things you want to return should be included. A return authorization code and detailed return instructions will be sent to you when we have reviewed your transaction.

What information is collected?

You will provide us with anonymous traffic data when you visit our website. Only when you voluntarily register for a service, participate in an online survey, enter a contest or any combination of these, will we get personally identifying information about you. Our advertisers may get aggregated traffic data from the cookies they've placed on your browser. Links to other websites are available on the website. Since we do not own, manage, or operate such Web sites, we are not liable for their privacy policies.

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